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    May 18, 2013
    6:00 - 6:30pm EDT  

thank you for joining us. an airport police officer is dead, his wife is in jail tonight. louden county sheriff's office says the man was shot to death last night in the couple's sterling, virginia home. their two children were at the residents at the time. >> reporter: well, bruce, the two children are now without their father. the mother is charged with first degree murder. we talked with a bunch of neighbors here who say the couple had a rocky relationship. one neighbor says she feels safer now that he's not around. >> i feel relief he's no longer here. he threatened my life twice over minor things. he had a lot of anger. also had a volatile relationship. and it -- it's odd seeing his shoes and him not being in them, that i feel i can go
outside now, where i couldn't before. >> reporter: a neighbor who did not want to be identified says she was threatened by the deceased, 52-year-old stephen spradling. he worked at dulles airport and was a 25-year veteran police officer of the metropolitan washington airport authority. the louden county sheriff's department says spradling's wife, 42-year-old rose angela shot her husband several times last night in the 2100 block of blossom drive. their two grade-school-aged children were home during the shooting. >> i feel really bad for their children who have lost both their mother and their father. but as time went on, he became more of an alcoholic and his anger came out to the point he was even threatening 9-year-old children. he was so afraid that someone would mess up his lawn. in fact, we had a dispute over the property lines and that's why he threatened my life. he thought the dog had gone to the bathroom in his yard, when
in fact it was my yard. and he called and told me i was a dead woman. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says that there had been half a dozen domestic-related calls to the home in the last several years. now, rose angela spradling is being held without bond. a statement released this afternoon reads the metropolitan washington airport authority is deeply saddened by the loss of corporal stephen spradling. an airport authority police officer for more than 25 years, hour condolences are with his loved ones during this difficult time. talking with neighbors, they say they had been threatened too, not just the one woman we talked with, but others here in this small cul-de-sac, a very quiet, friendly neighborhood until today. and they wonder tonight if this shooting was justified. now, that is a decision investigators will have to make, bruce. >> thanks for that report. we now have limited amtrak
service between new york and boston. amtrak suspended service last night after a rush hour crash between two commuter trains in new haven, connecticut. 70 people were sent to hospitals and doctors say five of them are in critical condition. the crash occurred when a metro north train with hundreds of passengers from new york's grand central station derailed, then crashed into a southbound train. >> everything just came to a sudden stop and went flying. >> i thought this is the end. brace yourselves. >> it's clear that these cars came into contact, ripped off at least a portion of the siding of one of the cars, extensive damage in the front. >> federal safety investigators say it could take up to 10 days to complete their work in finding a cause for the derailment and crash. dc councilman tommy wells officially kicked off his campaign for mayor today. if he wins, wells would become the first white mayor of the district of columbia in 40
years. it was back in 1973 that congress first gave dc residents the right to elect their own mayor and council members. well, a small crowd in the rain at agent benning road today, he told them he would reduce juvenile crime by one half, then put a quality elementary school in every neighborhood and he would improve public transportation to include a vibrant east-west streetcar system. wells says incumbent mayor run with a corrupt campaign. ward 6 councilman says he will not accept donations from lobbyists or corporations. >> we're tired of being embarrassed as a government. i'll bring integrity to our leadership, with a vision right here, a vision where we created 70 new businesses, 700 new jobs during the deepest recession of our country. people want jobs. >> on the race issue, tommy
wells tells me he thinks all voters want the same thing. he says if elected, his administration will reflect the city's diverse population. he has never run in a city-wide contest. the same can be said for bowser, word 4 council member, first to announce candidacy for mayor. if bowser wins, she will become only the second woman to hold the office of dc mayor. the incumbent mayor vincent gray hasn't said if he'll seek re-election. it's still early. democratic primary, which normally decides who will be the next mayor, is still more than a year away. virginia republicans are gathering in richmond this weekend for their annual convention. earlier today, they nominated the unopposed ken puchilelli for governor. he is criticized as being all- talk, no action. five republicans are running
for lieutenant governor. this is the very first virginia gop convention dominated by the tea party. you still have time to buy your powerball ticket. lottery officials say tonight's drawing will be worth nearly $600 million. the odds of winning, well, let's just say your chances aren't very good. people are lining up anyway at gas stations, convenience stores throughout the washington area. and we find armando tool out there. >> reporter: bruce, 9:45 is the last chance folks will have to buy this winning ticket. so here they are, lining up for that last-minute chance to fulfill their fantasies. lottery retailers raking in the cash today, as thousands throughout the metro dc area hope to cash in on $600 million, enough to buy champagne dreams and caviar
wishes. >> i would enjoy going around the world. try all the best restaurants. >> we would disappear where they had to find me! >> buy an island! >> reporter: some went in to buy a lottery ticket and offered to buy me one if i would take care of her dog bella. hopefully i get the winning ticket. i might even share one with bella! i'll buy you doggie treats with that money! >> i'm going to get a private plane! i can go wherever i want to, whenever i want to. it's going to be called, um, you go girl! >> you go girl! [ laughter ] >> reporter: you cannot make this stuff up. i do have the winning ticket. it's from bella, thanks to bella. i hope bella doesn't mean just beautiful in italian. i hope it also means lucky. back to you. >> remember, if you got to win, you got a lot of friends back here, okay? coming up, a difficult weekend for texas residents
whose homes were destroyed by a killer tornado. >> back here at home in the did the c metro, we're looking at more scattered showers, the possibility of a storm. take a quick look at doppler 9000 and you can see a few lightning bolts showing up in west virginia and also in southern portions of virginia. i'll tell you what to expect on sunday, coming up in the full forecast.
. tragedy at a parade today in a virginia mountain town, where an elderly man apparently drove his car into a group of hikers. it happened in damas cass, virginia. that's about half hour east of bristol. we're told as many as 60 people were hurt and we're told those injuries range from critical to superficial. the driver may have had a medical emergency. we now have a name for a biker struck and killed in northwest washington thursday morning. 50-year-old andre brand was hit by a car at 11th and u streets northwest. police say a nissan altima was traveling in the center lane and heading east on u street. the vehicle struck the biker who entered the same intersection, while traveling south on 11th street. brand was not wearing a helmet at the time of the collision. following the crash, he was taken to a hospital where he later died. the case is under investigation tonight. an early morning robbery attempt lands one man in the hospital.
it happened just after 3:00 this morning in the 2300 block of ontario road in northwest washington. police say three men in a car approached two pedestrians and demanded money. when one of those pedestrians resisted, the suspect shot him in the back and fled. the victim is hospitalized in fair condition tonight. police are searching for the suspect and say they were in a gray or silver dodge. contact police with information. no let-up in the violence overseas this weekend. shootings and bombings killed at least 16 people in iraq today. one attack broke into the house of an antiterrorism police captain and killed him, along with his wife and two children. the events followed three days of attacks that killed 130 people. also today, gunmen abducted eight policemen guarding a post on the country's main highway to jordan and syria. will the showers move out or will we need the umbrellas come sunday again? erica has the full forecast, when we
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. a grim cleanup in texas today. residents whose homes were destroyed by a deadly tornado in the north texas town of granbury returned to their neighborhoods to begin the process. marlie hall reports. >> i don't have anything. it's all gone. >> reporter: when 16 tornadoes tore through texas wednesday night, jean may lost almost everything. >> my house shifted at first and i heard it sound like a train coming on top of me. my roof got ripped off. >> reporter: may lined up with other residents from rancho brazos in granbury to return to their homes for the first time saturday. >> i hope i can find family pictures. >> reporter: her community bore the brunt of the tornado damage and casualties. >> i know i couldn't keep the people out of there. i just was keeping them out long enough till we could assure me and everybody else that we didn't have anybody missing, hurt, injured,
deceased. >> reporter: only residents with permits are allowed back in the neighborhood. authorities are instructing people to get what they can and get out. no one is allowed to spend the night. may took these photos of her destroyed trailer home and found some treasured photos. her family is trying to focus on what they do still have, each other. >> i am in disbelief of all of this. i'm so blessed. >> reporter: may's daughter and granddaughter also lived in rancho brazos and they are all starting over together. marlie hall for cbs news, granbury, texas. >> poor people out there. it's really bad. >> up until then, this was the least tornadic year we've had in a long, long time. now it looks like we're seeing an uptick in severe weather. luckily, here in the dc metro, we don't have any severe weather in our forecast. we do have the potential for thunderstorms, though. talk about that in a second. right now, we're looking at the weather cam and it is dreary out there, overcast. light rain falling at reagan national, currently 63 degrees.
the dewpoint is 57. winds are out of the east- southeast at 7 miles per hour. relative humidity is 81%. now, because of that relatively high dewpoint, i think we have the potential for patchy fog overnight tonight, along with those scattered showers. the showers and rain continue on sunday and we're entering a warmer and more humid pattern. as you probably expect, when we have temperatures getting warmer, that's when we also have more unsettled weather, the potential for thunderstorms goes up in those situations. right now, pretty cool. it's 63 degrees in frederick, leesburg, manassas. temperatures consistent across the board because of those clouds. 63 in winchester and culpepper as well. satellite and radar shows that spinning motion for this weak area of low pressure bringing us the showers. but some thunderstorm activity that is down to the south in north carolina, also thunderstorm activity in charleston, west virginia, down into lexington, kentucky. and that is going to move toward us as we head into
sunday. but future cast saying that it's not going to be a lot of rain. we're just looking at spotty showers as we head into the overnight hours. as you're heading out the door for church tomorrow morning, more spotty showers. definitely bring the umbrella with you even if it's not raining when you're leaving tomorrow. the potential for thunderstorms arrives in the afternoon and early evening. you can see spots of orange and yellow indicating heavier rainfall. that's generally what we see. we can't nail down exactly where the thunderstorms are going to happen, but they are likely to happen during the afternoon and early evening on sunday. but overnight tonight, a storm possible, but most of us will just see cloudy skies and scattered showers. tomorrow morning, temperatures rising quickly into the 70s. we'll start out in the 60s, move into the 70s. mostly cloudy and milder with a scattered shower. then in the afternoon, potential for thunderstorms, though not everyone has a thunderstorm tomorrow. highs between 73 and 78 degrees. heading into monday, the potential for thunderstorms goes up. high of 82 degrees and then on
tuesday, up to 89 degrees with a chance for more showers. a chance for thunderstorms on wednesday, temperatures remaining close to 90 degrees until we get to friday. that's when a cold front moves through, bringing us a refreshing change. we'll definitely have earned it by then. >> 90 degrees, like that. >> you like that? >> we like what they are doing in san diego, one of the wildest games last night of the season. and you probably didn't see it. it wasn't until well after midnight that washington baptized the padres, and an unlikely hero does the honors. now, there's also an amazing group of young women at college park who continue to play at an elite level. and lamont peterson can see the future, and [ male announcer ] what do you want to get done today?
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after 1:00 our time. some of you might be saying, oh, really? where did it take so long? looked like washington had it in the bag. they did until the bullpen came along and threw a wrench in that plan. check it out. here's why i say it looked like the nats had it in the bag. they brought out the west coast whooping sticks! adam larosh homered twice, ryan zimmerman once. in the 9th, the save opportunity blown, giving up three straight hits. chad tracy to the rescue in the 10th. bob carpenter would say see you later. nats had it, lost it, then got it back. >> i tell you, that game gave me a few more gray hairs that i don't need. but great comeback. guys hung in there. great hit by tracy. >> bench kind of needed that. we've been scuffling a little bit and, you know, to get one like that is big. kind of gets us going. >> does not need anymore gray hairs, for sure. keep it dialed in, because
your team will take on the padres, also see jordan zimmerman, tied for the league lead with seven wins right now. e.r.a. currently under 2. 8:40 first pitch, then the newscast right afterwards. right around this time each year, we begin showing lacrosse highlights. typically maryland and the inevitable happens, a viewer calls and says why are you showing me that? then i have to explain to them that there isn't a more successful team in college park, so dominant that when they don't win, it's a story. lady terps fresh off their crown, but the big one, the ncaa tournament. terps jump out to a 4-1 lead on duck. but you know those dukeys, they are scrappy. cork netting three goals for the blue devils, within two. then terps senior alex austin, aa, always energized, scores five goals. terps win 14-9, heading to their fifth straight final
four. . >> being one of the four teams left in the tournament is amazing and getting to beat another acc team on our field, it's just awesome. really excited to move on to what's next. >> very talented team from player one to player 33. it's been a really special year so far. we've enjoyed every game we've had together and we'll enjoy another week. >> syracuse at villanova state yum next week. virginia lost to north carolina 13-9 today, ending the season. first time they have won two games in a lacrosse ncaa tournament. tonight is big for lamont peterson. if washington, dc's boxing champ can beat lucas matissea, he's first in line to fight danny garcia, and then the name floyd mayweather comes into play. i know it's a lot of maybes and ifs, but tonight is the first step to all of that. so he is going to face one of his stephest challenges of his career tonight, for sure.
you may not know his opponent. let me explain. he hits hard! his last 10 fights have all been wins by stoppage. both hold titles in the junior welter weight division. peterson still feels he has something to prove. >> win over matisse, bring big and better fights. i look at me as me, danny garcia and lucas matisse are the best three. best fighters in the weight class and what better way to show that, going out and fighting one of the top guys? >> we shall see. finally, we got the volvo match play championship tonight in bulgaria. this is pretty funny, guys. this is nicolas cull sr, tracking, tracking, tracking right into the toilet. yeah, a bowl in one. [ laughter ] >> caddy score. >> ended up going par there. preakness just ended, oxbow
is your winner. orb is fourth. no triple crown tonight. and we'll see more scattered showers tonight. we'll see you back here after the game. bye.